Thank you Manon!

By Ousia Whitaker-DeVault

Manon-BelotSince April, Manon Belot has been working full time in our office as the Translations Intern. Manon first arrived to Wisconsin, from France, to study as an exchange student at Beloit College.

During her year at Beloit, she studied Chinese and English through the Modern Languages and Literature department, while simultaneously working towards a Masters Degree in Translations through the Department of Applied Foreign Languages at Université Paul Valéry, in Montpellier.

While at SWITS, Manon worked closely with Katherine and Linda, who helped to train her on a number of different industry-specific skills in the office. When I asked Manon about her experience as an intern, she said that, before working at SWITS, she “didn’t really have an idea of what [her degree] was. Everything became clearer in the Translation industry.

While Manon was training, she would video chat with Katherine, who shared her screen to demonstrate methods for quality review. During her internship, Manon worked on quality review for translations in mostly Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic.

Katherine shared with me that it has been a delight to work with Manon. “She learned our translation and project management processes quickly, and is always eager and willing to help and take on projects. She also is constantly working to improve her skills, and hopefully her future career in translating and interpreting will benefit from her time with us.” Katherine wishes that she could have been at the office to work more with Manon in person, but she and Linda both appreciate Manon’s patience with learning over video chats and screen shares.

Another skill Manon practiced during her internship at SWITS was recruitment, especially for LLD languages. This is a time-consuming task, which necessitates patience; we appreciate Manon’s efforts helping to find qualified and talented interpreters and translators.

After she leaves Wisconsin, Manon will return to France to complete her second and final year of her Masters program. After that, she will look for a job at a translation agency, near her hometown of Béziers, in the south of France.

When we spoke recently, Manon mentioned that she is particularly interested in agencies which organize “language holidays,” which are like exchange programs, during which people from abroad would travel to her city for intensive language programs. “I like it because I travelled myself and am in love with culture sharing. I would be happy to help someone discover my country and learn my language.”

Manon’s last day interning at SWITS was 8/31/16. We at SWITS were very happy to have had a talented intern such as Manon. We wish her the very best in her bright future.