Preparations for Interpreting in Northern Climates

by Ousia Whitaker-DeVault

Preparations for Interpreting in Northern ClimbsAs we near the shortest day of the year, and Old Man Winter brandishes his cane at us, I hope you are all managing to stay warm and healthy, and maybe even enjoying the fresh snow!

Because of where we live, we can be expecting consistently inclement weather in the coming months. Our operations will continue as usual during this season, and we are all expected to make our scheduled appointments, so it’s a good idea to prepare for the significant changes associated with the winter weather.

Please leave extra time to shovel, start your car, scrape your windows, and travel between your home and appointments. For everybody’s sake, drive slowly and cautiously, and remember that parking rules sometimes change during the winter.

Bundle up for the cold, so that you arrive to your sites comfortable and ready to interpret.

We provide an important service to the communities we work in. Because of this, even in the case of extreme weather, please make arrangements to get to your appointments until released by SWITS dispatch. If you are unable to get to an appointment because of weather, let your scheduler know at least two hours in advance. Absences due to weather will be unpaid, unless employees use their accrued personal or vacation time.

With more questions about our inclement weather policy, please reference the employee handbook, or contact HR.

Thank you, and have a happy Winter!