Bilingual Assessments

For organizations who employ staff interpreters and bilingual providers, we provide third-party assessments as an additional service. The assessment is an objective evaluation of the quality of interpreting and customer care services being provided to their customers. SWITS assessments may also be used to determine whether an interpreter or staff member is sufficiently qualified to work in a particular language pair. For more information about assessments, please contact your SWITS representative.

Language Proficiency Testing

In various settings, language proficiency testing is used to evaluate the fluency of an applicant or employee in a particular language.

We have partnered with Language Testing International (LTI) to provide the location and proctor for individuals asked to provide validation of their oral language proficiency through an internationally recognized exam. The proctor positively identifies the participant and ensures that all the instructions are followed. The exam replicates a natural conversation in the language being tested. Each participant is provided with their results according to the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) proficiency scale.

To learn more about ACTFL language proficiency testing or to schedule a proctored exam, please contact your SWITS representative.