From Intern to Employee!

Ousia Whitetaker-Devault

SWITS has been very fortunate to have had exceptional interns who contribute to the success of our business. Many interns have chosen to continue their careers with SWITS.

Equal FootingOusia Whitaker-DeVault is the most recent student to have completed an internship with us. Prior to joining our team, she expressed interest in the field of interpreting, but began her internship in the translations department. As her internship progressed, Ousia was able to shadow experienced, qualified interpreters, participate in an Equal Footing interpreter training seminar, and interpret in medical and community settings.

Today was her last day as an intern. She will graduate from Beloit College this month, and then she’ll be travelling to Spain this summer. We look forward to her safe return, after which she will join our team as a staff interpreter in the Milwaukee area.

We look forward to being able to contribute to her future aspirations in interpreting.

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Sara Tapia
Translations Department Manager